Sensitive Period for Order

The cry of my 2 ½ years old niece, welcomed me, as I entered my mother’s house. She was trying to keep her teddy bear in a particular fashion on a chair and resisted the help offered by her mother and others. She was not happy with positions she tried. she was getting upset but not give up. It appeared as though she was instructed by someone to achieve the perfection. She continued trying to achieve the perfect order of the teddy bear on the chair. Once it was achieved she was so happy that she showed her work proudly to all.

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A Great Mother

Once, a mother shared, that she thinks twice before taking her 8 year old son to a hotel, as he makes a mess of the place and dirties his clothes. I was surprised. Any normal child would be able to eat on his own without spilling by 3 years. Even the children of uneducated, less privileged and poor parents, who do not get the required attention and care, learn to be independent. What is the reason for this child who is the only son of educated, caring and protective parents, not independent? Continue reading

A Source of Light………

The source of light which lights the lamp of knowledge in us is a teacher.

The teacher ignites a ray of hope in his students and inspires them to go beyond him. He motivates them to see what he has not seen and achieve what he has not achieved. He shows how to live by the example of living his own life.

The teacher has the capacity to create the “best” in his students. He has the ability to enhance that “best” and the strength to destroy the “bad“. Continue reading