The Right Montessori School


Many think the word ‘Montessori’ means a nursery school. It is a wrong conception. Montessori is a method of education. It could be applied from birth to university level and even to adult education. Nowadays in Bangalore at least we find Montessori sign boards in every street and corner. Therefore it is necessary to identify the Montessori schools. Continue reading

The Right Age to Start Schooling

March and April are the summer months in India. This is the time when parents look for the best schools for their children. This adds tension to the already stressful sunny days. There are so many schools, so many methods and so many institutions but ‘which one is good for my child’ is a common question among parents. Along with this the question ‘what is the right age to start schooling for their children’ arises. Continue reading

The Hoysala Emblem

One thousand years ago in India, children never went to school like today. There were no schools.  But there were Gurukulas. Gurukulas are the places where Guru lived. Guru means a “teacher”. Gurkulas were in the forests. The students lived in the Gurukulas along with the Guru and learnt from him. There was no fees students would offer “Gurudakshina” before leaving the Gurukula. Continue reading