In the year 1994, when online shopping was started it was little known that it would become a major form of sales, touching $304 billion a year in the US alone (Tuttle, 2016). Has this growth of online shopping improved the life of the consumer?

At the outset, let us consider what makes one’s life ‘improved’? According to wikiHow, life is considered to be improved when one’s physical and mental wellbeing is improved, and one enjoys the ‘life’ (wikiHow, n.d.). As for as, physical wellbeing is considered, online shopping doesn’t aid in any way.  The online shopping makes one sit in front of the computer for hours which decreases the physical movement and contributes to the sedentary life.

Besides, online shopping doesn’t help in mental wellbeing of the consumer either. As the customer stays indoors, he tends to avoid going out with friends, which cuts down his social activities and makes him a loner (Vidyarthi, 2014). Moreover, the use of credit card increases the risks of ‘credit card hoax’ and the stress going through the aftermath (Vidyarthi, 2014) (White, 2016).

Besides, the online shopping makes one shopaholic (Hasan, 2015). The online shopping doesn’t involve any physical activity like touching, feeling and moving around which are essential to prolong the excitement of buying (White, 2016). Consequently, the excitement induced by online shopping is short lived and washes away immediately. Just like smoking a cigarette or doing drugs. Once that excitement is lost, the consumer is compelled to surf again and buy more.

On the brighter side, online shopping reduces the traffic and parking problems, since, one need not step out of the house (Wikipedia, 2016). It also saves time, energy and money as the consumers need not pay the service tax. Sometimes, the goods on online shopping are 30% to 40% lesser compared to brick-and-mortar shops (White, 2016).

Thus, although online shopping is a convenient way of shopping and saves money, energy and time, is detrimental to one’s wellbeing. It makes one sedentary, reduces social life and increases the stress level. Mainly, online shopping causes addiction if not careful.



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Author: Rekha Reddy

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