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I love being with children. Children teach us how to live, forgive and forget. They teach us how not to give up until you succeed. They teach us to celebrate our achievement however small it might be. They help us to be humane and young forever.

It is a great experience to be a small lamp and light many other lamps.

Montessori is my passion.The beauty of Montessori is that you see the development of children in front of your eyes. It is a wonderful phenomenon of metamorphosis. I love seeing children enjoy their freedom, work continuously without a break, make discoveries, learn, unlearn and relearn. I try to see the beautiful world of tomorrow in their eyes. I rediscover my own childhood among these children.

I want to help more or more people go through this experience. The Montessori teacher training helps one to witness and appreciate this experience. It helps an individual to rediscover his/her own childhood and know the true nature of the child. It not only helps in creating the Montessori Environment and Montessori Materials, but also prepares teachers spiritually, to respect children and look up to them.

I train teachers applying the Montessori Method to help children between 2 ½ and 9 years. I train teachers in this regard and feel responsible for the society. My NLP techniques and counseling skills helps me in enhancing their learning skills.

I have written books on teaching Kannada and English to the children of 3 years applying Montessori Method. I have translated several articles of Dr. Maria Montessori from English to Kannada. My translation of Dr. Maria Montessori’s book, “What you should know about your child” is under print by Sapna Book House.

I believe “Beautiful childhood, beautiful world”. To make the childhood beautiful, I help all those who are involved in the children’s life, the mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, friends, neighbors, teachers and each and everyone who is in contact with the children.



I have great respect towards your thoughts and believes.Thanks for inspiring us with your broader outlook and passion towards montessori teaching method.

Really montessori method helps a child to learn things by himself with minimum support from an adult and to train such an adult is not an easy task! I bow my head in front of you for your interest and desire from ur innrr most core of your heart to do something for the montessori community!

hi rekha …
you always surprise me with how much you do …. it’s wonderful to see you blogging! you write very succinctly .
will follow your bog for sure…


Please let me know the title of your books to teach kannada and English to children.
Where are the books available?


allmost i saw yours blog. totally extraordinary ,imppressive,inspiration words is there so these words any time golden words ,i feel verry happy

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